Board Members

WAX 2018 Board Members

President: Diana Lu

Diana grew up in the town of Boise, Idaho and is a member of Wharton’s Class of 2020. Diana is a golfer, hiker, and on campus she is involved in Wharton Undergraduate Finance Club, Wharton Women, and she volunteers at the Netter Center. Outside of school, Diana can usually be found enjoying a bowl of ramen, and she is rarely seen without a cup of coffee. She can be reached at

Treasurer: Ravi Patel

Originally from the cold, barren state of Maine, Ravi is an eccentric, Mainer studying Finance (pronounced like fin-ants), Business Analytics, and Computer Science in the Wharton School. Aside from Wax, Ravi is a part of Wharton Undergraduate Finance Club and Penn International Impact Consulting. He really enjoys a quick match of tennis and loves to travel to exotic lands in his spare time. Hit him up if you’re looking for an (academically oriented) good time. @

VP of Professional: Jonathan Mak

Born and raised in Hong Kong, the undisputed best city in the world, Jonathan is a Sophomore studying Computer Science. Outside of WAX, he is also involved with YouthHack, an entrepreneurship group, and is a CIS160 TA. In his free time, he can be found at the gym, or otherwise somewhere eating his heart out, or perhaps travelling in countries he shouldn’t be in. Always down to talk about tech, entrepreneurship, food (and eating it), travel (and doing it), he can be reached at


VP of Global Markets: Parth Khare

Currently living in Connecticut, Parth is a junior studying Finance and Accounting at the Wharton School. Outside of WAX, he is actively involved in Penn Social Entrepreneurship Movement Consulting, Penn Wind Ensemble, and Wharton Investment and Trading Group. If you need advice, or just someone to get hot bubble tea with, go for a bike ride on the Schuylkill River Trail, or talk about tech and cars, feel free to reach out to him at

Co-VP of Communications: Sophia Ye

Born in Philly and raised in the tiny town of Newtown, Pennsylvania, Sophia is a sophomore in Wharton studying Business Analytics with a minor in Computer Science. In addition to WAX, she is also involved in Alpha Phi Omega and The Outside of school, Sophia enjoys photography, hiking, and snowboarding (though not very well). She is also extremely interested in learning about different cultures and languages and works in web development. Feel free to reach out to her at!

Co-VP of Communications: Proud Tuksinwarajarn

Proud is a freshman in the Wharton school studying finance and statistics with a minor in mathematics. Hailing from the warm and humid city of Bangkok, Thailand Proud is super excited to be leading the communications committee of WAX and exploring business in Asia further. Outside of WAX, Proud is also involved on the secretariat of ILMUNC, Penn’s MUN conference hosting over 3000 high school students, the Wharton Undergraduate Finance Club, and Penn Beauty. If you’re interested in math, Bangkok, brunching, or makeup/shopping, or about joining WAX, feel free to reach out to Proud at

VP of Corporate & Alumni Relations: Benjamin Liu

Born and raised in Houston, Texas, Benjamin was an external transfer to Wharton who is now studying Finance and Statistics. On campus, Benjamin is also involved with the Undergraduate Sports Business Club, UPenn iCare, and Wharton Undergraduate Energy Group. In his free time, you find Benjamin cheering on Houston sports, searching for his favorite restaurant in Philly, or watching The Office and Friends. Probably the only person at Penn with a number in their email, hit him up at

Journal Editor in Chief: Alina Peng

Born in NYC and raised in Princeton, NJ, Alina is a sophomore studying Philosophy, Politics and Economics. Aside from WAX, she is also the Student Design Head for the Penn Fashion Collective, a Programming Assistant at the Wharton Business Radio Station, and on Penn’s Club Lacrosse Team. In her spare time, she loves to watch reality TV, paint and eat sushi. If you’re interested in a sushi/shopping date in Center City, hit her up at

Journal Editor in Chief: Melinda Hu

Melinda Hu is a Wharton sophomore from New Jersey who’s excited by technology and entrepreneurship, especially within Asia. In Spring 2017, she’ll be studying abroad at Tsinghua University in Beijing, China. Aside from WAX, Melinda is involved in Penn Figure Skating Club, The (, Eco-Reps, and Turner Social Impact Society. You’ll probably find her in a coffee shop doing work, reading about cool businesses, listening to indie rock, or trying new restaurants. Reach out to her about anything at

VP of Corporate Ventures: Emily Fu

From the small town of Highland, California just outside of Los Angeles. Emily is a freshman studying Business Analytics and Behavioral Economics in Wharton. Outside of WAX, she is involved Wharton Global Research and Consulting and Wharton Women. During her free time, Emily likes to go hiking, play badminton, and work in her bullet journal. If you need someone to complain about the cold weather or sing terribly off-key with, feel free to contact her at

All photos taken by Rynel Luo