Wharton Asia Exchange is pleased to introduce the Corporate & Alumni Relations committee (C&A). After a period of restructuring, C&A has been established to meet the demands of a growing alumni and professional network built by WAX over the past decade. C&A strives to expand this network of students, alumni, and professionals to better serve the professional and academic interests of Wharton Asia Exchange community and meet the demands of tomorrow. Members of the committee improve their communication and negotiation skills through the development of corporate sponsorships and the preparation of market updates. Financial and economic expertise are sharpened through hands-on projects and exercises in leadership. Additional responsibilities include the coordination of alumni events, as well as the planning of the annual Dirigo Case Competition. General members are encouraged to get involved with the C&A throughout the year. The WAX community continues to thrive beyond Locust Walk as ties with alumni are strengthened and new business opportunities are explored. The work performed by C&A proves essential to the success of WAX and the professional avenues open to our members – please contact Christian O’Connor with questions.