Sectors & Specialists

 Healthcare Team

Portfolio Manager: Leslie Wang (W’19)

The Healthcare team will look specifically into opportunities in three different categories: pharmaceuticals, healthcare services and medical technology. The team will pay special attention to opportunities in Asia and cross-border transactions, and cover general trends in Asia healthcare market.

Energy and Industrials Team 

Portfolio Manager: Conway Chen (W’19)

The industrials and energy team will divide its time between firms related to the production of goods broadly used for construction and manufacturing, and companies which specialize in the production and supply of energy. Companies of interest in this space will be of diverse backgrounds, mature and developing, which closely follow trends in the world economy at large.

Consumer Retail Team 

Portfolio Managers: Ernesto Rosales (W’19) & Sophia Cen (W’19) 

The retail and consumer team will cover a wide-array of consumer-facing firms. Although these firms are based in the Asia-Pacific region, their influence frequently extends to the global scale. Examples of businesses in this space include traditional retail chains, convenience stores, quick service restaurants, consumer packaged goods, and luxury brands.

 Special Situations Team

Portfolio Manager: Parth Khare (W’19) 

The special situations team will broadly cover any companies going through unique and complicated events. Examples include mergers, acquisitions, spinoffs, and bankruptcies. These nuanced processes are often misunderstood by the general market, and thus create exciting investment opportunities.

Technology & Media Team

Portfolio Managers: Nishant Agrawal (W’19) & Nihar Sheth (W’19) 

The tech team will cover a wide range of tech and tech-enabled companies in the Asia region from internet companies to hardware and semi-conductor companies. Technology is a rapidly growing sector in Asia and should make for fascinating investing opportunities.

Real Estate Team

Portfolio Managers: Alexis Lee (W’19) & Carol Chen (W’19) 

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