The Journal Committee is a sub-division of the Wharton Asia Exchange that publishes a semi-annual journal catered to anyone interested in business in Asia. Every journal has a theme; some themes we have explored in the past include social impact, national security, retail, and entertainment. In general, the journal includes information on progressive and successful companies active in Asia, current Asian business trends, and the causes and potential effects of such trends. The journal also features exclusive interviews with established businessmen and businesswomen in Asia as well as special features such as re-caps of the annual Spring Trip. In addition to attending weekly committee meetings and bi-weekly GBMs, every member in Journal is responsible for writing an article for the journal related to the chosen theme, writing a blog post on a topic of one’s choice, and completing one of the following tasks: editing, designing, interviewing, or marketing. Every semester, an electronic copy of the journal is published on the WAX website for public viewing, and physical copies are distributed to WAX members and during recruitment. This year, the Journal Committee will focus on increasing readership within WAX and raising awareness about the journal to the greater Penn community.

Our past journals can be found here.